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Online Pdf Reader

This Exception Plugin enable to read pdf instantly. This plugin is super convenient to use. The most useful cases are it can be use on mobile browser. This light weight plugin give you all opportunity to read a pdf file like typical pdf reader.

Why this pdf viewer online is different from other?

This plugin work has more functionality than adobe reader online or any other oline pdf reader. It support any older version of browser and any kind device. We know there are so many problem with browser support such pdf file, with high considering the browser support We have develope this plugin that make everything easy to use and light weight

Let's compare with other online pdf reader

You know that foxit online or acrobat reader online are not available, current online platform is not so much updated that other conventional reader will add this type of online facility. Thought it is tough to build such type of we have did it. on the other hand xodo online is so much options for mobile browser

How to use this online pdf viewer plugin?

This pdf opener plugin is make for non-tech personal so that they can open the pdf file very easily. This one click open button is over the header of the document. Just select your pdf file to open it in the view of the plugin. On the other hand you can drag and drop the file onto the pdf view this will make your work so easy.

Does it support every day work?

Yes! You can use it as your every day online pdf viewer. very simple and effective pdf viewer make everything un-imaginable.